March Lodge Meeting

March 12th, 2016 at 3:00PM

Silent Auction: Go through your closets and bring things to bid on. Norwegian items are very popular.

Program: LeAnn Adam, member, will talk about her summer trip to Norway

College Students Interested in Furthering Education in Norway

The Carl Saltveit Scholarship is available which pays tuition, room and board at International Summer School of University of Oslo. Any member in good standing in District 2 as well as children and grandchildren may apply for this scholarship. You do not need to be currently enrolled in school but need to have completed one year of college level work to be eligible. Previously only 2-3 applications were received for this scholarship. Complete information and applications are available on the Sons of Norway website. Other scholarships available are also listed on the website along with complete information and applications. Deadlines will be coming soon, if you are interested, check these out now.

Youth Camps 2016

Dates have been announced for this summer’s youth camps:




The foundation can help with the expense of registration to these camps as we have done in the past. Registration information can be found on the Sons of Norway website. Deadlines for applications will be coming up in February 2016…. To attend camp, children must have a parent, grandparent or sponsor who is a Sons of Norway member in District 2. Camp Info

Thor Lodge - Salem Oregon

As a Sons of Norway member, you can reconnect with your heritage, learn about modern Norway, build a strong financial foundation and participate in philanthropic endeavors that make a positive impact in your community.